Oh my! My son acts like a girl!

By Shebnem Sadigova It is a country where even homosexuals have to be homophobic, the weight of this sentence is well known to everyone who is aware of the situation. Homophobia is the fear of homosexuality or homosexuals, irrational hatred, discomfort, and discrimination. I will soon clarify many notions about this subject below, but first … Continue reading Oh my! My son acts like a girl!


Masturbation: Myth and Facts

By Shebnem Sadigova So many people have been misinformed for centuries due to the superstitions about masturbation. Some think it makes you go blind; others are sure it causes epilepsy. There are people who believe in that masturbation causes infertility, tuberculosis and even some say it lowers sperm count. We can add hindering physical development, making … Continue reading Masturbation: Myth and Facts