Vaginismus. 20 question – 20 answer

By Shebnem SadigovaQuestion 1: What is Vaginismus? Vaginismus means the spasms of muscles in the outer part of the female genital area which makes it very difficult or impossible to have sexual intercourse. Question 2: What are the symptoms of vaginismus? The first symptoms of vaginismus are the spasms in genitals. Furthermore, most women start … Continue reading Vaginismus. 20 question – 20 answer


What should I do if my child masturbates

By Shebnem Sadigova When you saw your child touching his/her private parts, what was your first reaction? Punished by beating Shouted and insulted Locked into the room In a panic, shared it with other people at home. I did at least two of the above... (I would like to remind you that these reactions might … Continue reading What should I do if my child masturbates

Masturbation: Myth and Facts

By Shebnem Sadigova So many people have been misinformed for centuries due to the superstitions about masturbation. Some think it makes you go blind; others are sure it causes epilepsy. There are people who believe in that masturbation causes infertility, tuberculosis and even some say it lowers sperm count. We can add hindering physical development, making … Continue reading Masturbation: Myth and Facts