Sexuality: False beliefs

By Shebnem Sadıgova A man must know how to please any woman. Firstly, it gives the wrong message of that a man shouldn’t be questioning his sexual skills but when problems do arise, this incomprehension makes them question their masculinity and aggravates the already problematic situation. A man who can’t satisfy his wife (or partner) … Continue reading Sexuality: False beliefs


What should I do if my child masturbates

By Shebnem Sadigova When you saw your child touching his/her private parts, what was your first reaction? Punished by beating Shouted and insulted Locked into the room In a panic, shared it with other people at home. I did at least two of the above... (I would like to remind you that these reactions might … Continue reading What should I do if my child masturbates

Oh my! My son acts like a girl!

By Shebnem Sadigova It is a country where even homosexuals have to be homophobic, the weight of this sentence is well known to everyone who is aware of the situation. Homophobia is the fear of homosexuality or homosexuals, irrational hatred, discomfort, and discrimination. I will soon clarify many notions about this subject below, but first … Continue reading Oh my! My son acts like a girl!