About Shabnam Sadigova

Shabnam Sadigova is a psychotherapist and sex therapist who specializes in adolescence/young and adult psychology for over 10 years. She is the first Sex Therapist of Azerbaijan. Also, the first Azerbaijani who certificated by EFS and ESSM. 

She is currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam. Previously, she worked in her own “Therapy House” psychotherapy center both in Istanbul and Baku. She also taught psychology at Baku State University. Therapy House continues its activities in Baku, Azerbaijan. 

For the first time in Azerbaijan, she established a system of psychotherapy support for couples receiving treatment for infertility in the Reproductive Health Center.

She also created the Online Psychotherapy System for the first time in our country. People have been using this opportunity for more than 6 years, from many regions of the country and from foreign countries.

Psychological education background: Baku State University (bachelor), Azerbaijan State University (masters), Department of Psychiatry of Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty (internship), “Family Therapy” course of “Uni Health” research center in Norway, Denmark/Copenhagen University (psychotherapy course), North Amsterdam, Zaandam and Maastricht cities in the Netherlands (psychotherapy and sex therapy courses), Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Course by Prof. Dr. Vamik Volkan in Ankara, School of Sexual Medicine in Budapest by ESSM and EFS, and so on.

She focuses on the identification of mental disorders, treatment methods, infertility, pregnancy difficulties, sexual problems, and sex education in her clinical activities and scientific researches.

She is the author of a number of articles in the psychology and psychiatry field, aiming to make it readable and easy-to-use by everyone.

Speaks fluently in, English, Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkish and Dutch languages also knows German and Persian beginner’s level.

Her specialized areas:

– Sexual dysfunctions
– Marital problems 
– Postpartum depression
– Anxiety disorders
– Panic attacks
– Depression 
– Eating disorders
– Sleep disorders
– Manic disorders
– Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
– Obsessive-compulsive disorder
– Social phobia and other phobias

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